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1. How do I pay my purchases? To secure your order we ask you to make a 25% downpayment into our Spanish bank account. As soon as you order is ready we will ask you to make the transfer for the 75% balance and then we will book a container and load your order. For high volume sales & shipments we also accept Letters of Credit.

2. What price do you offer on the web? We always offer EXW pricing and Overexport must quote and deliver all products.

3. Why Overexport always arranges the product transportation? To ensure our Sellers that their overstock is sold in the Countries they previously approved.

4. What type of freight Overexport offers? We always quote and offer CFR, but we can quote special requests.

5. What is "MOQ"? Minimum Order Quantity.

6. Who are your Sellers? European and North America manufacturers and big distributors.

For any other questions, please contact us at