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We are former manufacturers and we understand the challenge of liquidating excess, returned and discontinued stock. We decided to be part of the solution. The marketplace where SELLERS liquidate overstock safely and BUYERS find the best deals easily

Our SELLERS are Manufacturers with a Brand to protect and a Distribution channel to respect. To you, we guarantee:

  1. To only display and sell your overstock in destination countries you previously approved
  2. Flexibility in how you display your product either with your brand or with a non-brand name (ie European tile manufacturer)
  3. Oversight to arrange the overstock transportation services to its final destination

Our BUYERS are Importers and Distributors that buy overstock at a liquidation price. To you, we guarantee:

  1. An Easy to use platform that allows you to find products available in your destination countries with the best freight available
  2. Personalized monthly emails with lists of products that match your preferences
  3. Individualized support. If you are looking for specific products in your destination country, contact our Search Team can help you

We have created the marketplace we would have liked to find when we were manufacturers. We hope you can trust us to be your overstock solution.

Contact us with any questions or inquires: